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24 hrs unmanned pharmacy system


The medical system in America is largely based on pharmacy and emergency room. At night or holiday hours, patients cannot get medical service from doctors’ clinic or pharmacies but can only rely on ER, which can cost thousands just for a little bottle of normal medicine one can buy in the pharmacy during regular working hours. 

Pharmacies like CVS, RiteAid do not open after 9 PM due to the high maintainance fee

Expensive emergency room with high demand


Pharmacist night shift salary

140 M

ER Visit Each year

Target User

Senior patients who are inconvenient going outside to pick up drugs

Chronic diseases who need to buy medicine periodically

Allergy Patients who need medicine urgently at any time of the day

Emergency supplies for very severe situation


Name: Alice
Age: 22
Occupation: Sales
Sickness: Pollen Allergy
City: New York

Name: Amy
Age: 72
Occupation: Retired
Sickness: Heart Disease
City: State College

- Easily get allergy at night
- Cannot get medicine after working hours
- Suffer allergy all night or go to ER
- ER fee too expensive

- Need to reload medicine often
- Cannot drive through to get the medicine
- Drug delivery is slow and might affect the quality of medicine

Frequent visit

Frequent visit

Current Experience Analysis

No 24 hours medicine supply in the country

Drug delivery is slow and expensive

Complicated reload process

Large chance of infection when contacting others

Multiskateholder Analysis

Painpoints for key stateholders:
Patiens: Cannot get the service they needed
Pharmacy Company: Cannot balance the income and the output
Workers: Stress and health concern

Competitive Medical System


- Drive through
- Order medicine periodically
- 24 hours before covid-19


- Slow delivery (7-10 days)
- Little delivery option
- Can’t offer medicine from after 9 pm

Pharmacies like CVS, and RiteAid, are American retail corporations, that usually have minute clinics, and can pick up medicine or get delivered.


- Professional accurate diagnosis
- Can handle unusual situation
- Very time-sensitive


- Expensive cost
- Low efficiency
- Poor service

Hospital service like emergency room, where you can get treatment at any time but will be troubled by billings and insurance.

Define Problem

1. How to provide 24 hours medicine supply, flexible medical kits not limited by location anymore?
2. How to delivery medicine to patients when they are incapable to pick up?
3. How to merge all medical history for easier reloads?

Why not automate pharmacy?

Design Concept

Based station receive signal and prepare

Drone fly to you ASAP

Send out drone with medicine

Pick it up at your door

Order through the app

Based station can charge the heads and wings of the drone wirelessly

Modular constructor for drones:

Different weights can match different numbers of wings

Scan face to open the medicine box to ensure security pick up

Feeling sick at home


Design System

Color Palette

R: 88
G: 162
B: 136

R: 232
G: 239
B: 238

R: 229
G: 190
B: 148

R: 207
G: 148
B: 144



CAD Model

App Information Architecture

User Interface



Sick at home, Ordering medicine on the app


Ready to fly out with the loaded medicine box


Drone preparing in the Based Station


Drone arriving, and use Face ID to unlock the Lid to take medicine


User Testing & Feedback

1. Need to add “return” or “refund” process
2. Need to have clearer billing details

Future Iterations:
1. Be able to ship medical kits such as AEDs
2. Add robotics arms in the based station to
be able integrate multiple small
orders/bottles to one patien

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