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Butterfly Tunnel

Ft. Yonghun Jung

Enjoy your underground mystery journey with butterflies and wind. 

March 2022

We found the butterfly Niagara effect and the subway tunnel assets in Unreal Marketplace and played with them. We think it would be interesting to merge two of them together to create weird atmosphere but cool scene.
The player is able to move around in the scary subway tunnel in the VR world. The butterfly will be the site that hinders the player as it is massively generated. Our goal is to let the player walk out of this tunnel. So when the player walks into the butterfly, a wind will blow in to clear the butterfly for the player.
We want to make the experience more immersive with haptics feedback, so we decide to bring VR into reality. By doing so, we let UE4 talk to ESP32 via Max. We use the ZeroTier VPN, and we start testing how they can communicate with each other. The fan is built with ESP 32, as we want to have a real wind that blows to the player when the player enters the butterfly zone.
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