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Reality helpie

Meet my new friend, Reality Helpie!

February 2022

The process of making it is fun. Originally I wanted to use Max to remix my voice and play it with the action, but it is very complicated to do it with Max. For better effect instead, I download a sound remixer app called Voice Changer which gives me plenty of options for filters. I choose the robot mode because it is a little robot.
Then I start to test out the Arduino and the Max. It takes me a while to figure how to add sound play during the process. I watch some tutorials on Youtube to connect them together. I can get it that the how sound can be a super glue in a project because sound adds extra interactions with the users.
Max for reality helpie.webp
With the program settle down, I build the prototype with paper and chopsticks. I tried it on the original helping hands but it is too heavy to move with these small motors, so I build a lighter version of it and give it a bow for decoration.
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